Friday, April 30, 2010

For Whom Do We Dress?

So, let's get this blog underway shall we? The first thing you have to ask yourself when you're deciding what to wear in the morning, or the evening before, is for whom you're dressing. The first answer should be yourself. When you look good you feel good. You can tell the people who feel good about the way they look by the way they carry themselves. They walk with conviction, with swagger, and they walk not caring what the world throws at them. I know because that's how I feel when I put some effort into the way I look. But we can't just dress for ourselves.
You've probably heard that women dress for other women, at least the ones who really try. Because men are just less likely to notice those things right? Wrong. Almost every man I talk to is immediately attracted to a woman with style. A woman who puts on more than jeans and T-shirt or, god forbid, sweat pants. The attraction may last only a second but that can be enough. The way my wife dresses excites me every day because I know she has depth of character as well as style. That should be the same for me. Yes, you are likely to get more comments about how classy you look from other men, which is an ego boost, and if you're gay then that's excellent. Not to sound stereotypical but if you're gay, however, you're probably already dressing well. But for those of us who are interested in meeting women, trust me that you're going to draw their attention when you detach yourself from the rest of the pack. So we're dressing for ourselves, we're dressing for women, and we're dressing for men. What else?
Oftentimes you're going to find yourself married, in a relationship, or just not interested in attracting a companion. That is no excuse to let yourself go. When you're in any of those positions you have the glorious opportunity to experiment, to break entirely free of the social norms and go crazy. I wear suits to school on occasion, which can look intimidating, pretentious, and just weird, but damned if I don't look good and people don't notice. Just one comment about how good you look is going to make your day, trust me. I get comments from straight men, gay men, women, and everyone else (not sure what I mean there, aliens maybe? Rabbits?).
Clothing is the epitome of a first impression. You dress up for a job interview, for a wedding, for a funeral, and people see you as someone who is taking the vent seriously. You dress up for life and people see you as someone who sees that you only get one life, and you're gonna look dapper as hell.


  1. I dress hoping that today is my Orange-Coloured day.

  2. I admit, I am more likely to dress up for a class where there are more women in it, because at my age, young men are more concerned with blending in than standing out. My networking class has zero women in it, so I generally try to avoid notice. A lot of that may have to do with the conversations on drug use and teen pregnancies. Seriously, what has gone wrong with people?

  3. I like your point, an it's very true,how we dress says a lot to the world.
    I also love Solanah's post. I have to say, I don't dress FOR my cats, but I seldom leave home without a bit of fluff stuck to me somewhere!

  4. You are right about first impressions. A lot of people remember what I was wearing the day that they met me (sadly most of the time I can't say the same. I don't have any fashionable friends in real life, which is fine and dandy because I tend to look beyond that when i meet people). It is weird how that happens though (clothing first impressions). It reminds me a bit of a song by the Cranberries that states "will you remember the dress that I wore, will you remember my hair." Sometimes it is sad though that we look so much at appearances.

  5. Right clothing makes me feel like am flying more that walking :)

  6. Hey, I've been following your wife's blog for some time and was super glad when I found out you started one! Your views on dressing up to make yourself feel better are the same ones I have!! I'll tell you, your lady's is one lucky gal! I do hope that theres more guys like you out there!