Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why vests are best

I'm all packed up for my trip to Folsom tomorrow; I have business training there (no prison visits unfortunately).  I hope to produce at least one post while I'm down there but internet connection in a hotel room has been known to be spotty at best and tethering to my phone can be even worse.

I helped my little sister move back up to Olympia for college this weekend and I got some (decent) pictures to share but I left the camera up there.  I'll have those shots by the end of next week hopefully.  That little bout of absent mindedness did leave me bereft of a post for today however.  But as I looked through my closet for clothing to pack I looked at my vests.
I love vests, be they of the suit or sweater variety.  They can make a simple shirt and jeans combo look dressy, or they can cover up an ill ironed shirt.  The latter is my favorite.  I hate ironing shirts.  No matter how hard I try I always get frustrated eventually.  With a vest all you have to do is make sure your collar and sleeves look good.  Not only that but you can tie a huge double Windsor tie knot without worrying about the length of your tie.
If you'll recall from one of my previous posts, one of the difficulties with buying shirts lies in the fact that you can often only choose two of three qualities: correct length, correct width, or correct arm length.  With a vest you can scratch the arm length and focus on making sure that your vest fits snugly (without being so tight as to pull at the buttons), and making sure that it comes down to your belt.  The rest of a vest's many style options are up to you.  I personally prefer more buttons to less, but that also means more buttons that can fall off.
In short, (TL:DR) a vest is a perfect option to either class up your casual outfit, or add to your already dapper outfit as an added flair.  They've been around for a long time and probably won't go anywhere and bonus! they're in style right now.  Chances are, anywhere they sell men's dress clothes you'll find a vest.  So go forth and gird your chest with pinstripes or solids, plaids or cords and look dapper as hell.

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