Monday, May 3, 2010

The Suit: Part One of ∞

Ah, the suit. It is one of man's greatest inventions, right up there with the automobile and the urinal. When it comes to looking good it is second to none. It can make anyone look like a lord, a duke, a king, or even Neil Patrick Harris. If you don't have one I recommend you go to your nearest vintage or thrift shop and find one that fits. And if it almost fits, then have it tailored. There are several articles online to know when you need to tailor your suit but I find that esquire has a good, simple list. You are welcome to search further into the matter, but honestly, unless you plan on doing it yourself, just find a good tailor near you and have them measure you. They can make you look good.

Now there are several types of suits out there and honestly I don't plan to go into any detail about them at this point in time, but there are a few things I can say now. Triple Button suit jackets and higher look fantastic on those of us with absolutely no weight on us whatsoever. They can be good at concealing weight but for those of you with a little bit more girth it would be best to consider a two button jacket. Three Piece Suits- Always awesome. Especially now. You'll see more and more of the indie singers wearing vests and three piece suits in their videos and on the stage. Keep in mind that a three piece will always look a little bit more formal than your standard 2 piece. When getting dressed for school that is always a concern of mine. I wouldn't want to appear pretentious after all (that's a lie). Double breasted suits look great on larger men as well. I think I look silly in them. But there are always exceptions to the rule so if you see one you like then try it on, decide if it's worth getting tailored, and enjoy. You'll look dapper as hell.


  1. That photo of Tennant is brilliant. =D

  2. My husband doesn't read blogs often, so I just relay every post verbally. Keep up the good work!

    Love that you included a picture of the Movits! :)

  3. Movits! are so great, I love their songs and I love their videos. Now if only I knew swedish...

  4. i gave the link to your blog to my boyfriend since he would like to start spending more attention to style, and he's going to love the pics of andrew bird you used to illustrate your point. we're both big fans!

  5. My boyfriend is a large guy in the sense that he's got big arms/shoulders, neck and chest. I've always liked the slim pant, slim tie 60s style suits on guys. But with him I'm thinking a tailored pant, three piece suit would work well. I think he'd be hard to fit at thrift stores/vintage spots. I loved the Brooks Brothers Mad Men suit they had out for a teency bit

    I want my man in that. Too bad they're sold out. Not like I had a grand lying around... but still. : )

  6. Yay for Dr.Who! (and suits of course) I'd be interested to hear what you think about ties - especially the new Doctor and his bow ties? :)

    Mary van note - my boyfriend sounds like he is a similar build to your, and he had a lot of luck at our local thrift store. He found a few suits that fit him beautifully - they weren't strictly vintage, but they look pretty fine, and for $20 a pop were a great deal as well!

  7. ...and remember, the best suit is a tuxedo...even better with the trousers replaced by a kilt!
    ...and no matter how sexy you might be, a baggy suit makes you look as if you spent the night near the dumpsters behind your local bar