Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tucking in the Shirt

I was watching the IT Crowd this morning and noticed how Moss tucked in his shirt. He's the one with the curly afro. Essentially he pulls it down as tight as he can into his pants and calls it good. This is generally something you want to avoid. Now of course, according to Moss he has some pretty sweet style, and admittedly looking as much like a nerd as possible is pretty in right now, but it isn't necessarily dapper. My dad taught me at a young age that you need to pull the shirt out a bit after you tuck it in. And you should be wearing a belt if you're tucking in a shirt. The exception is suits, which don't need belts, but it doesn't hurt.
Rarely should you tuck in a polo, never a T-shirt, and tucking in an oxford again depends on the mood of your outfit. An untucked shirt denotes casualness.
For awhile I was wearing an untucked shirt with a tie, but I had the top button of my shirt done up, which really juxtaposed the whole outfit in a negative way. If you're going to wear a tie with the top button done up, all appropriate at whatnot, then you need to tuck in your shirt. It looks better.

And now for something completely different, and not really dapper as hell;


  1. I can't believe you posted that picture of you. You are funny.

  2. Hey my shirt isn't tucked in, it seemed relevant, even if wierd.

  3. This blog post needs to be printed in flyers and put in the hands of every man on the planet!

    If only every man knew when to tuck in their shirt. Sigh. The world would be a much better place.

    Sam, you rule. Not only is this blog immensely informational, but you are funny as hell! I'm so glad I found this blog through Solanah's blog!

  4. I'd like to contribute that Richard Ayoade as his real life self is dapper geeky fab:

    Arrested Development, IT Crowd and Doctor Who - you have solid taste in television alone, sir!

  5. ...and if you tuck your t-shirt into your boxers, you should be strung up by the smaller or your testicles...