Friday, June 4, 2010

Be Back In Five

A new post is coming soon I promise. I started this blog just a tad too early, what with school still going and whatnot. So in about a week and a half I'll be back on the gravy train that is blogging, provided that by gravy train I mean a train I am adhesed (I conjugate verbs into being!) to by gravy. I'll be going back into full time writing, part time working. The writer's hours are rough, often misspent looking at cats on the internet or curled up in a ball, but I will overcome! And I'll be damned if men's fashion is going to go by the wayside, because let's face it, we're in trouble America. In trouble because people don't understand how much trouble they're in. In trouble because men think one outfit forever solves everything. It's high time someone stepped in to show them the way, and although I pulled a bit of a Bruce Wayne there, disappearing for a time, I have honed my martial writing skills and will return--a little crazy and with a gravely voice, but also with some insightful tips for summer, and for living a life that screams "Dapper as Hell!"


  1. Your blog and your wife's make life oh so enjoyable! Can't wait till you're back

  2. What are you going to school for?

  3. Currently? I'm in school for networking, but I know full well that I hate networking now. So eventually? English. Because we all know how lucrative that particular degree is >.>