Monday, June 21, 2010

The Cardigan: Like Sweatpants but You Can Wear Them Grocery Shopping

Wait...people wear sweat pants to the grocery store? Oh God!

Hiatus; Doctor Who took one during 2009, most shows take them over the summer, Spider-Man has tried to take one numerous times (but crime doesn't sleep, nor do radioactive spider powers), Captain America "died" only to come back as steve, and now I too return, ready and raring for work. Funny anecdote: I now have full availability for work and my hours have been slashed like so many ladies of the evening under Jack the Ripper's 'regime'. Something out there has a sense of humor. It's refreshing.
Summer is upon us, or so people tell me. For those of you unfamiliar with this so called 'summer' that makes up the Pacific Northwest, it has been raining almost nonstop for days. So I thought about the perfect piece of clothing for this transitory stage with hot rain and cold sun; the cardigan. It may be my favorite addition to my ensemble since the first one I bought, made of cotton and thin enough to pass as a long sleeved T-shirt beneath my work clothes. Nothing speaks of class quite like coming home from work, exhausted and defeated to take of your shoes, put on slippers and toss on a cardigan Mr. Rogers style.

During any given day, when I'm tired and don't feel like working on my outfit very hard, or when I need to warm up a little bit, I put on my beige cardigan over my button up shirts and bam! Dapper as Hell. It's like a sweater only easier to take on and off, which is perfect for unpredictable summer weather. Light cardigans can been worn over T-shirts with funny pictures on them, so that the frivolity of your outfit is still visible but not uncouth (uh oh, double couth a word? Spellcheck says no. Huh, spellcheck is also not a word).
My suggestion for a summer outfit: Cotton Chinos, boater shoes, white oxford with colorful sock tie, and a well fitting cotton cardigan, preferably in neutral tones so as not to detract from the tie. Oh and don't forget the straw fedora. Or, for those of you who saw the Doctor Who episode with Vincent Van Gogh (perhaps my favorite one so far), a hat like dear old Vincent's.


  1. That Vincent Van Gogh episode was probably my favourite all season, although the last one was certainly dramatic.

    Cardigans are great but definitely too hot over where I am in NJ for it at the moment. Great shots you shared though!!

  2. Couth is, indeed, a word. It's obsolete though. Perhaps that's why it's not recognized by spell check?

    Haven't seen the Van Gogh episode yet, but can't wait!

  3. Agree. The straw hat is quite nice. And that episode was great :D